Natural Ways to Take Care of Eyes

good visionAccording to Dr. Jaeger, people may have eye problems due to various reasons. However, he also suggests that there are some natural ways with which one can improve their vision and take care of their eye health. Lawrence Jaeger have mentioned various times that for maintaining good eye sight one needs healthy diet and sound sleep of around 7 to 9 hours. Dr. Jaeger also suggests that with proper eye exercises one can improve their vision a lot.

Eye Exercises

The main benefit behind eye exercise is that it strengthens the ocular muscles of one’s eyes. This muscle is responsible for eye movement and adjustment of vision. Hence, when with exercises we strengthen this muscle, vision is improved naturally.

There are numbers of eye exercises, some of them are discussed herewith

Start with focusing your vision on any distance object for a minimum period of 30 seconds. For this you may look at any distance object, be that a tree, window or a person. This exercise is helpful as most of us have the habit of looking at nearer objects that result to Myopia. Next, once you have focused at some distance object start changing your vision from distance object to some nearer object. Continue this exercise for some time. You may feel strain at your eyes during the first few times, but in the long run it’s helpful.

After you complete the above mentioned two, you can keep your finger in front of your face, just at a little distance from your nose. Now, focus at the finger and then focus on some object at a distance. While doing this you can understand how by changing focus your vision is corrected. Next, you can do an exercise which would serve dual purpose. This exercise would be beneficial for your neck, as well as would be good for blood circulation in your eyes and head too. First you need to nod your head as if you are showing yes and then look at ceiling. Then stand at your toes.

Foods to Naturally Improve Eyesight

Once you know about the nutrients that helps you in improving your eyesight, you can yourself decide which food is better and why.

Vitamin C helps in protecting the tissues and also improves the eye sight. Vitamin E protects your retina and also slows down the macular degeneration process. Vitamin E is also an anti-oxidant hence, your diet should be rich in it. Consume zinc with your food as it strengthens the cells of the eyes. Also fish oil can be consumed as it can reduce the macular degeneration of the eyes and also cure some other eye problems.

Hence, if you keep in mind these nutrients then you can easily maintain the health of your eyes. Different food items that are good for consumption are carrots,leafy green vegetables, broccoli, chili peppers,bananapapaya, apple, citrus fruits,bilberry fruit, and strawberry. Other food items that has natural capacity for eyesight improvement are eggs,Oyster, fish, red meat,liver.

Hence, there are Doctors who would surely take care of your eyes, but you must take natural steps so that you may take care of your eyes in a better way.




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